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Med vår gedigna kunskap om Mallorca hjälper vi dig med allt du behöver för att du ska hitta din drömbostad: från sökning och urval till överlämnandet av nycklarna. Vi hjälper dig med allt nödvändigt, administrativt pappersarbete och de hinder den spanska och Mallorkinska byråkratin kan orsaka ibland. Vi hjälper dig gärna att kontakta arkitekter samt tillförlitliga, lokala hantverkare och trädgårdsmästare. Hantverkstjänster är oftast betydligt billigare på Mallorca än i Skandinavien.

Vi samarbetar också med en pålitlig och känd advokatbyrå som är redo att hjälpa dig med alla frågor som rör spansk skattelagstiftning och egendomar.

Slutligen kan vi även hjälpa dig att organisera resan genom att boka flyg, hotell och hyrbil.

Long Term Rental

Long Term Rental
Porta Mallorquina,
Licencia de Alquileres S.L.U.
customer service
Telephone: +34 971 698 242

Long Term Rental
Beatus Zimmermann

Beatus Zimmermann
Franchise Långtidsuthyrning

Språk: Tysk, Engelska, Spansk

Sylvia Ross

Sylvia Ross
Långtidsuthyrning Northwest

Språk: Tysk, Engelska

Ines Hoelter

Ines Hoelter
Långtidsuthyrning Center, Palma

Språk: Tysk, Engelska, Spansk

Customer Testimonials about the long term rental from Porta Mallorquina

"The truth is that you pleasantly surprised us - we listed the house with you and the first client you brought us rented it. Beatus you are a true professional!
Hopefully these tenants will stay for a long time, but when they leave we will once again trust you with listing our house.

We sincerely thank you" See all reviews »

aus adress withheld , Spain.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to the long term rental of an apartment in Marratxi.

"After our conversation with Rebecca we had vitually nothing more to do with the rental – she did everything from the viewing up to the contact preparation! Now we have a long-term tenant who suits us completely, and would go the same route in the future.

Carmen & Gerd Deutschmann" See all reviews »

aus Gröbenzell, Germany.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to long term rental of an apartment in Calvia.

"If we were awarding school grades Porta Mallorqina, represented by Ms Rebecca Mohr was an excellent +. From the very beginning I had the feeling that I was in excellent hands, and Ms. Mohr was extremely friendly, competent and helpful from the initial enquiry to the viewing and handover of the keys.

You would think that was it, but on..." See all reviews »

aus Castrop-Rauxel, Germany.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to long term rental of an apartment in Calvia.

"Hi we are Ameera and Ali. We thank you for recommending the flat. It is very good and the treatment has been great.
Kind regards" See all reviews »

aus Palma, Spain.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to long term rental of an apartment in Palma.

"Dear Britta,
I would like to thank you for finding a tenant for us - we are very happy that we could settle the issue before leaving the island, and apart from that I believe that we get along together personally!
With many thanks!" See all reviews »

aus Sineu, Spain.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to long term rental of an apartment in Palma.

"While searching for an apartment in MallorcaI I met Britta Niemann from Porta Mallorquina. After my interest in an object another property came up, which was not a problem for Ms. Niemann and she very quickly arranged a viewing. I liked the object very much and with her help the initial bureaucratic problems were dealt with. During this time..." See all reviews »

aus Vettweiß, Germany.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to long term rental of a penthouses in Palma.

"Dear Mrs de Lluc, now today after a week I would like to thank you again for your very good advice. As we had already discussed by phone the accommodation fully corresponds to our expectations. I also want to thank you for the quick and easy management of your rental agreement. You have answered us with your competence and kindness and been..." See all reviews »

aus Berlin, Germany.
5 ★★★★★ Rating to long term rental of a property in Manacor.

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